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Homemade curry
Our Top DIY Takeaway Picks

We’ve developed a range of nutritionally-balanced meals that are worth taking giving a try before searching for that local takeaway menu!

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Lunch: Healthy Swaps

Let's refresh your lunch menu!

Healthy lunch swaps can be a quick and an easy way of swapping out ready meals every day. But where to start?

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Healthy Snack Swaps

Snacks can count as one of your Fakeaways. Yay!!

You can swap crisps or chocolate for these nutritious, healthy home made alternatives.

Here are some quick and easy ideas you can put together from ingredients you have at home or can buy easily.

Healthy Snack Swap recipes
Get your store cupboard set up

A good store cupboard is the starting point for a lot of meals and can save you time and effort.

Buy a spice or herb every week to build up the cupboard and look out for deals and stock up, e.g. buy tins of tomatoes or beans when they’re on special offer. If you add something every week you’ll soon have a useful store cupboard, enabling you to create tasty, nutritious dishes or adapt meals turning them into a feast. 

Golden rules

  • Choose a cupboard furthest away from the oven or hob as the heat will hasten deterioration in most foods.
  • Airtight containers preserve the shelf life of everything from herbs and spices to flour, nuts and seeds. You don’t need expensive containers, recycled jam jars are excellent, just remember to label them.
  • Rotate your ingredients – keep new packets unopened until you’ve used the old ones. Check the dates on labels and if something is nearing its best-before date then bring it to the front of the cupboard to remind you to use it.
  • Have a spring clean, check dates on packets and tins, remove everything from the cupboard and clean it out occasionally. Stale particles of flour, grain, cereals, sugar and crumbs on the bottom of the cupboard can attract pests such as moths, beetles and weevils.
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Pancake day prep

Pancakes are simple and quick to make at home. And a lot of fun.

You just need four ingredients:

  • plain flour
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 egg
  • milk

We have some simple switches to make your pancakes healthier

  • Use skimmed milk.
  • Don’t add butter to the batter.
  • Use a spray oil or measure your oil (1 tsp of oil is enough to cook 8 pancakes if you use the same oil soaked in kitchen paper and wiped around your frying pan).
  • Use low-sugar, low-saturated fat toppings.
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